Have a Quickie while you wait

Honey, my quickie is late again.

Will be out within 24 hours.


About time, you damn lazy editor!

I totally forgot to post it in the morning before leaving the house. Had to process JPGs, zip and upload over TeamViewer… what a pain in the ass. But anyway, enjoy this long-overdue chapter.

Vol26 Ch103

Apologies are in order.

Wasn’t able to finish the volume (chapters are loooong). Been busy so I didn’t even have time to upload 103. Will do that when I get home tonight or early tomorrow. 

You might be wondering if I’ve gotten bored of this already. The answer is no. I’ve just been very very busy. A few friends just opened a new coffee shop (12 Corners) so I’ve been helping them with that as well. As soon as things calm down, I will be back to 1 chap/week schedule. I.. promise? ;P

Bottom line, there will be Ryuuroden today/early tomorrow.


The situation.

I decided to delay the release another week so I can finish the rest of the volume. That is all.

Monday is the new Sunday.

Just for this Sunday since Monday is after Sunday.

I’m going back to the start.

No release today, but things will be back to the way they were (weekly Sunday release) from now on. Haven’t heard anything from Megan so I’ll continue to work on the project by myself.

Something to think about.

Part fighter, part philosopher, part cheater. Shiro has it all. But wonder if there’s a bit of foreshadowing in this chapter. Enjoy.

Vol26 Ch102

Home Sweet Home.

Sorry for the wait, but I’m finally back. Will pump out a chapter within the next two days, and that’s a promise ;P

Now, for some shameless self-promotion…


I can explain!

Or maybe not. I’m just busy and lazy. Heading off to Chicago for a few days this Friday, but I promise there will be at least one new chapter released by then. Hang on!

Small Update.

Megan told me her PC’s out till end of month so looks like I’ll be working on the rest of vol26 by myself. Hopefully 102 will be ready by Sunday.

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